Waiting For The Bus In The Rain

by Avery Pierce

Hey, excuse me! Not trying to be rude but you waiting for the 35? Yeah, then you can’t sit over on the bench like that. The lady that runs this route is real lazy, if you ain’t standing right on the curb she’ll just whiz on by. Yeah, It ain’t a problem most days but it’s a real hassle when it’s rainin’ all hard like it is. Got this umbrella from one of them military stores down on Grape Rd and I’m still soaked.

Where’s the bus? Oh, it’s late, yeah, it’s always late. ‘Spose to come by at 5:15 but I’ve been taking this bus for fifteen years and it ain’t never happened. Usually comes down around 5:30 or, shoot, even 6 depending on traffic. I brought it up at a town hall a couple years ago. Mayor said he’d look into it but nothing ever did change, just the way it is I suppose.

Yeah, everything’s slow round here in Queensville. Bus, train, people. Only live ‘bout 30 miles from here but takes me round an hour to get there and back taking transpo. Used to annoy me but I don’t mind much now. Gives me plenty of time to read. When’s the last time you could just sit back and read a good book? Not many get the chance but I do! Just finished up reading Game of Thrones, it’s pretty good! My daughters real into dragons and knights and such always has been. Used to read her The Hobbit for bedtime. I’d do little voices for each character, Gandalf was the hardest, talking all old like. Hurt my throat bad but I’d do it every night. Bet it be easier now, huh? Anyway, she’s always talking about how she loves the show so I got the book.

I don’t always read on the bus. Sometimes my eyes get tired and the words get all jumbled, ‘specially on the way home. My wife, Linda, got me these glasses from the store. Clerk said it would help but it don’t. Anyhow, my daughter helped me get music on my phone and it’s been a trip! Can listen to records I ain’t thought about in years! Bobby Womack, Teddy Pendergrass, Wilton Felder! Shoot, like hoppin’ in a time machine! Even got Ernest Stoneman on there. Now he was my Daddy’s favorite, he really was. I played some of his songs for my grandson, but he didn’t like it. My daughter don’t like him neither. Never know how something will age, I suppose.

I don’t always listen to old stuff, I ain’t that nostalgic! Started listening to Madonna a couple weeks ago and she’s pretty good! Didn’t like her first album much, her voice was too nasally. Remind me of my sister when she broke her nose in the fifth grade. But she got better with time. Like a Prayer is my favorite. Not a bad track on the album. She’s got a song on there with Prince that’s beautiful. They worked real well together. My wife was a big Prince fan, let me tell ya, took her to a concert for our 10th anniversary. She spent the whole night screamin’, lost her voice for bout a week after. She took his death real hard. Wasn’t too old was he? Bout sixty? That’s young. Well, it ain’t young but it ain’t old neither. Anyhow, Angel is her best song.

Oh, the bus is coming. You can’t see it yet but I can hear it, nothing else sounds like a big ol’ diesel engine. Cuts right through that pitter-patter. Better get your ticket out, they get mad if dont swipe fast enough. Ain’t that bout a beast though? They’ll keep you waiting for days but if you ain't ready to swipe they get an attitude, oh well. Anyhow, it was nice talking with you. I’m gonna get back to Madonna now. Take care.

You can find more of Avery Pierce's work at averyhpierce.com.