Juggalo Cinema


There should have been more than
two Juggalo films. Marvel Cinematic
Universe for doing completely normal
things in black and white face make-up.

One Million juggalos, self-proclaimed, but
only two motion pictures. Hustlas & Rustlas,
unjust proportions at best, a travesty of partial
fractions and unweighted representation.

One juggalo film for every three hundred. March
to Hollywood and demand more family films, though
not that kind of family, really. Violent Jay & Shaggy 2 Dope
could be the George Clooney & Brad Pitt of the hatchet screen.

Now where’s their Ocean’s 11? Burn After Reading?
We want to see a juggalo and juggalette falling in love,
star-crossed lovers ending in psychopathic double suicide.

Real people don’t look anything much like Brad Pitt anyways.