by Ben Sixsmith

Some days I can play for hours, you know?

I'm trying to beat my highest score.

It's tough.

The gameplay on this edition, well, it could be better.

See how hard it is to aim after you turn? It's pretty stable now, but NOW it jerks around all over the place.


The graphics are fantastic though. Almost feel like you're inside the game, y'know? Look at the DETAIL on that bullet hole.

I'm going to look inside this building. Shit! Got lucky there. I doubt I'll get more chances like that.


I almost beat my highest score yesterday. Then we got the call. Smith got fucking killed by a fucking IED. Routine patrol. We think one of the farmers set it up. I guess we'll never know for sure.

You see that house? I'm going to check it out.

You can't run like this no more. You can't fight like this.

I should start playing chess or reading books I guess.