Corporate Meditation

by Jason O'Toole

Wellness séance minus planchette
or talking board.
No spirit trumpet
floating in the corner
by the Keurig.

Close your eyes & see
the beach holiday
you can't afford this winter.
No time for a trip to the astral plane;
got a conference call
at one sharp.

No mantras please!
Keep it nondenominational.
Wheezy alternate nostril breathing
betrays a cocaine habit
in the c-suite.

Not starting with a warding spell.
Have you let something in
that will not leave, willingly?
Returning to your desk
your cubicle-mates sense
that something has attached itself
& you are legion

A former police detective, Jason O'Toole is an Andover, MA based poet and author of two poetry collections published by The Red Salon. He holds a BA from Eugene Lang College where he was mentored by poet Stanley Diamond, and an MBA from St. Joseph’s College of Maine. His poem "Samsara" has recently been nominated for the Rhysling Award. He performs and records spoken word with musicians Alec K. Redfearn, and Herr Lounge Corps.