Pretty For The Devil

by Mika Hrejsa

/ FLASH / ritual to ritual spiked / FLASH / blood on plaster / hotted shaman stuck in panoramic standoff / magnetic to underworld / He Is Known / spellbound to Him / propane ignite under skull / stuck bitch to the need immortal / TORCH ME TORCH ME TORCH ME / like diamonds on the tongue / spit like shrapnel water / bled finish addicted on altered states / can’t stroll off demon flesh / baby, he fucks like a railgun! / limbless form out of tune in the desert bunker / all on record / doom minutes jotted to bare the world itself / there’s always a point to the decadence, you see / we’ll all be shredded for satiation / satan’s child melting down past the mantle / laid against concrete witness to hazy emerald tigers / no mercy fuck / legs in ribbons / death sister come to kiss / more more more more / rewind the filth! /